Find out How easy is it to get pregnant on your period, what are the chances of getting pregnant on your period.

Many people believe the myth that a woman cannot get pregnant during her monthly period. The chances that you can get pregnant may be too little, but it can actually happen. But before you find the answer to this issue, it is important that you are aware how pregnancy takes place.


The female body usually experiences ovulation. It takes place when the mature egg is been released from the ovary, pushed down your fallopian tube, and fertilized by the sperm. Once the egg and sperm meet, it results to conception (pregnancy). The female uterus lining gets thick every month to become prepared for conception. However, if a woman does not get pregnant, the uterine lining and blood will shed. This becomes her monthly period.

Menstrual Period

Fertilization is anticipated on days near to the fourteenth day in a 28-day cycle. If a woman had a period of twenty eight days length, she is at the peak of being fertile from the 12th up to 16th days before the next menstruation’s first day. The sperm fusion probability with ovum is certainly high on mid of the menstrual cycle. It gets low on the other days since the presence of the ovum in the fallopian tube is expected less on other days. But in some circumstances, when the ovum is still present in the fallopian tube and the sperm becomes available for fusion, fertilization undeniably occurs.


The successful fertilization triggers pregnancy. It only means that if the ovulation takes place during a period or the ovum is ready for fertilization, then, it can have the chance of becoming pregnant on period. To know how easy is it to get pregnant on your period, take note of these three cases:

How Easy is it to Get Pregnant on Your Period

Case 1: When undergoing a period, another ovum is developed to prepare for release during the menstrual cycle. In some short cycles, the chance of ovulation after certain days of menstrual period is higher. As the sperm stays in the body of a woman for two to three days, the fertilization probability is present during that period.

Case 2: If a woman suffers from bleeding for quite longer period, she may bleed long after she is done actually with her period, or it can be during the ovulation process. Therefore, the period of time that she had taken to become safe is at the peak of being fertile.

Case 3: What are the chances of getting pregnant? The chances of becoming pregnant during the period are higher if women are suffering from irregularity in their menstrual cycle. Since the period is irregular, it will be difficult to expect the ovulation’s near-to-correct time. In addition to, women who experiences irregular periods are generally facing another problem of false menstruation or irregular bleeding. Thus, women can consider a series of bleeding as their period, and it might ovulate right after it.

How easy is it to get pregnant since the sperm may be present in the woman’s body for about two to three days, there can be a higher chance of mistakenly getting pregnant on the period. For women who are expecting least of becoming pregnant, they are generally facing irregular menstrual cycle. They usually belong to 2 groups: first, the teenagers, and second are the group of women undergoing or approaching menopause.


What are the chances of getting pregnant on your period

How Easy is it to Get Pregnant on Your PeriodThe possibility of getting pregnant during a period is low compared to becoming pregnant at other. But take note that it is still possible. The period is not consistent for women experience different cycles of period every month. In some instances, some women would have bleeding between the cycles, but it is not their definite period. Illness, stress, and other things may cause a woman to bleed even if they are not having their period; and a woman may get mistaken with this bleeding.

If a certain woman had sex during her period, and had sex even it is not really her month, she could become pregnant. Ovulation is said to be a sketch. Part of understanding how easy is it to get pregnant on your period is becoming more aware of the time when a period will come. Women are releasing an egg for about twelve to sixteen days before period. It indicates that there is a chance of getting pregnant even if they never had their period yet.

For women may not experience menstruating because of several reasons. These are low weight of their body; they breastfeed; they are perimenopause, or due to medications or illness. If they are ovulating, they can get pregnant. In addition to, ovulation, like the period that is not timely, it does not always happen like clockwork. Studies revealed that the sperm can stay alive up to seven days in a woman’s body. But its average day of survival is about three to four days.

The American Pregnancy Association stated that the pregnancy occurs from an intercourse that took place during the woman’s period. It may occur because the sperm lives in a body for up to 5 days. And, I a woman, then she ovulates right after the period, then, conception takes place from having sex happened during a period.

For women who want to become safe from surprise pregnancy, it will be better if they utilize a birth control every time they have sex-period or even not. If there are inquiries regarding the most appropriate birth control to use, or anything about pregnancy, it should always be discussed with professionals in a health care provider. You may also discuss How easy is it to get pregnant on your period.

How Easy is it to Get Pregnant on Your Period

Learning how easy is it to get pregnant on your period may not be a common thing to do. Now that you already understand the chance of becoming pregnant during your period, How easy is it to get pregnant you will have a better plan when do you want to conceive or when you should not have sex with your partner. The women’s percentage who had conceived during their period is low. However, you can never take your menstrual period as entirely safe for there are still chances of becoming pregnant during the period. Therefore, you have to utilize the information provided by this article. In this way, you are more aware about the process of fertilization and the myths and facts in it.

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