If you want to get pregnant with a baby boy, then you need to look for the best tips that you can get in order to help you how to get pregnant with a boy.

Some couples wanted to have a boy especially if this is their first time to have a child because they want someone who will protect the family.

If this is what you want, you should plan your pregnancy and make sure that you do the right tips in order to get the baby boy that you want.

Nothing is impossible now because there are many steps and tips that you can do to get the gender that you want for your new born baby.


If you want to know how to get pregnant with a boy, then here are some of the tips that you can do to help you achieve a baby boy.

  • You must know when the woman is ovulating. You need to make sure that you are doing your sexual intercourse when the woman is fertile or ovulating. There are ovulation predictor kits that are available in the market now that you can use to know if you are in the ovulation period.
  • Make sure that you are doing a deep penetration. Say goodbye to your old sexual positions and try the new positions that will give you a deeper penetration. Only in the deeper penetration you can have those sperm boys closer to the eggs. They will have a better chance of winning than those with the girl sperms.
  • You need to have sex as close to the ovulation period as possible. As you know the male sperms are much faster swimmers but they have the chance to die so fast. While, on the other hand the female sperms can wait around and take time to get in the eggs. By making sure that you have sex closer to ovulation you will surely give your male sperms the head start.
  • Another important thing that you should consider is to have an orgasm because it helps produce more alkaline environment which is very conductive to the male sperm. If you have the orgasm then you are sure to get a better chance of having your baby boy.
  • There is also a belief that you should make your man drink some coffee before you do the sexual intercourse because this help increase the chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy. The caffeine maybe helps the sperm guys swim faster and get into the eggs first.

How to Get Pregnant With a Boy

These are just some of the best tips that you will find today that will help you increase the chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy. Those who don’t believe in this idea always seek the help of the doctors to know exactly how to increase chances of getting pregnant with boy. This is a very sensitive part where in you are aiming for a gender in your pregnancy. You need to be very careful in whatever that you are planning to do because this might lead to something serious if you will fail at the end.


What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant with a Boy

According to the research, some of these tips and steps are also proven to be effective. That is why they have come up of this thinking. Based on some reviews of those who have already tried, this method these tips were really effective. There is a bigger chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy if you really want to. All you need is a little faith and trust that you will get the boy that you want for your first born. All the tips and steps that are available today have no yet solid proof that it is proven and effective, but there is nothing wrong in trying. You can keep on trying and trying until you finally had what you want.

How to Get Pregnant With a BoyThere had been a lot of rumors and myths that are spreading in the news today, but none of them are still proven effective until you already tried for yourself. It is still you and your body that will decide if you will get pregnant with a boy or a girl. It is important that you know when your partner is ovulate so that you can aim for the target. The man should also ensure that they are not getting any dead sperms because this will never get their partners pregnant no matter how deep you penetrate. You also need to remember that the male sperms die quickly so you need to make the best position that will give them a fast travel to the eggs.

You need to choose your sex positions because if you will not the male sperms will die and dead sperms will never get you pregnant. The missionary style or doggy styles are more effective than any other positions. When making love with your partner you need to makes sure that it is during the ovulation period or two weeks before your next menstrual cycle. You can have the ovulation calendar on the internet and take note of them. The most important thing to remember is that you need to make sure that your body is fit and healthy to get pregnant.

If you are a smoker and an alcoholic, you have less chance of getting pregnant. You need to avoid alcohol and cigarette and start your healthy diet. The male chromosomes don’t survive in an environment that is high in ph. You need foods that are rich in potassium like nuts and of course you need to eat more vegetables and drink plenty of water. If you really want to know how to get pregnant with a boy, you need to do everything that will ensure your body’s health. This is also your way of preparing your body for your baby’s new home. Consult your doctor as often as you can and always ask for prescriptions before you take any drugs to avoid miscarriage.


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